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Written by Anwar-un-Nabi (?????????? ??? ???? ????)   
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 21:03

"All?hs Messenger (??? ???? ???? ???? ????) said: when All?h loves some person, He sends for Jibr?l and commands him: verily, I love such and such person; you should also love him, so Jibr?l loves him as well. Then Jibr?l proclaims in the heavens that All?h loves such and such person; you should also love him. Then the residents of the heavens love him as well. Then his love is sent down to the earth (the world)."

Narrated by Ab? Hurayrah (Radi Allah Ta'lah Anhu). Muslim transmitted it in his as-Sah?h, b. of birr was-silah wal-?d?b (virtue, joining of the ties of relationship and good manners) ch.48 (4:2030#157/2637); Bakh?r? narrated it at three places in his as-Sah?h: b. of bad-ul-khalq (beginning of creation) ch.6 (3:1175#3037), b. of adab (good manners) ch.41 (5:2246#5693), and b. of tawh?d (Islamic monotheism) ch.33 (6:2721#7047); Ahmad bin Hambal in Musnad (2:413); M?lik bin Anas in al-Muwatt?, b. of shaar (hair) ch.5 (2:953#15); and Khat?b Tabr?z? in Mishk?t-ul-mas?b?h, b. of ?d?b (good manners) ch.16 (3:74#5005). [src: Ch3 of Beseeching for Help, Tahir-ul-Qadri]

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