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Written by Anwar-un-Nabi (?????????? ??? ???? ????)   
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 21:03

It is narrated by Umar bin al-Khatt?b that the Prophet (??? ???? ???? ???? ????) said:

"Among All?hs servants there are some who are neither prophets nor martyrs but on the Day of Judgement the prophets and the martyrs will envy their grades. The Companions asked: O Messenger of All?h, tell us, who are those people? He replied: those are the people who love one another on All?hs count. They are neither related to one another nor do they have any property to exchange. I swear on All?h that they will have faces of light,they will be on pulpits of light. They will not have any fear when others will be afraid, they will not have any grief when others will be aggrieved. Then he recited the verse: Beware! No doubt, there is no fear for the friends of All?h nor shall they be sad and sorrowful. "

[Qur?n (Y?nus, Jonah) 10:62.]

Ab? D?w?d, Sunan, b. of ij?rah (wages) 3:288 (#3527); Bayhaq?, Shuab-ul-?m?n, (6:486#8998,8999); Khat?b Tabr?z?, Mishk?t-ul-mas?b?h, b. of adab (good manners) ch.16 (3:75-6#5012). [src: Ch3 of Beseeching for Help, Tahir-ul-Qadri]

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