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Written by Anwar-un-Nabi (انوارالنبی ابن نسار احمد)   
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 09:03

What is Tareeqat? or What is Tareeqah?

(simplistic definition - please refer articles)

Tareeqat (can also be spelt tareeqah, tareeqa, tariqa, tarika, tareeka, etc), is a arabic word طریقت or  طریقة which means "a way" or "a path".

According to traditional Islamic scholars, Tareeqat means, a way or school of tasawwuf.

Tasawwuf is one of the sunnah branches of Islam and in english some people know it as sufism, islamic spiritual or sacred sciences.

Analogous to madhabs in the Islamic branch of Shariah, tareeqat are the paths in the Islamic branch of Tasawwuf.

To read more about Tasawwuf please see its definition in the Glossary and for in depth discussion, please refer the the series of articles on this site entitled "Tasawwuf".

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