United States flag 20%United States
Germany flag 18%Germany
United Kingdom flag 13%United Kingdom
Ukraine flag 11%Ukraine
China flag 6%China
Russian Federation flag 4%Russian Federation
Pakistan flag 4%Pakistan
India flag 3%India
Seychelles flag 2%Seychelles
Saudi Arabia flag 1%Saudi Arabia
France flag 1%France
United Arab Emirates flag 1%United Arab Emirates
Netherlands flag 1%Netherlands
Australia flag 1%Australia
South Africa flag <1%South Africa
Singapore flag <1%Singapore
Poland flag <1%Poland
Indonesia flag <1%Indonesia
Malaysia flag <1%Malaysia
Brazil flag <1%Brazil
Japan flag <1%Japan
Nigeria flag <1%Nigeria
Canada flag <1%Canada
Sweden flag <1%Sweden
Norway flag <1%Norway
Turkey flag <1%Turkey
Philippines flag <1%Philippines
Mauritius flag <1%Mauritius
Israel flag <1%Israel
Bangladesh flag <1%Bangladesh
Denmark flag <1%Denmark
Ireland flag <1%Ireland
Italy flag <1%Italy
Romania flag <1%Romania
Qatar flag <1%Qatar
Iceland flag <1%Iceland
Spain flag <1%Spain
Sri Lanka flag <1%Sri Lanka
Luxembourg flag <1%Luxembourg
Kenya flag <1%Kenya
Egypt flag <1%Egypt
Iran, Islamic Republic of flag <1%Iran, Islamic Republic of
Switzerland flag <1%Switzerland
Lithuania flag <1%Lithuania
Belgium flag <1%Belgium
Moldova, Republic of flag <1%Moldova, Republic of
Oman flag <1%Oman
Kuwait flag <1%Kuwait
Bahrain flag <1%Bahrain
Brunei Darussalam flag <1%Brunei Darussalam
Czech Republic flag <1%Czech Republic
Ghana flag <1%Ghana
Jordan flag <1%Jordan
Morocco flag <1%Morocco
New Zealand flag <1%New Zealand
Finland flag <1%Finland
Bulgaria flag <1%Bulgaria
Latvia flag <1%Latvia
Hungary flag <1%Hungary
Portugal flag <1%Portugal
Algeria flag <1%Algeria
Maldives flag <1%Maldives
Taiwan flag <1%Taiwan
Austria flag <1%Austria
Greece flag <1%Greece
Ethiopia flag <1%Ethiopia
Uzbekistan flag <1%Uzbekistan
Tanzania flag <1%Tanzania
Thailand flag <1%Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago flag <1%Trinidad and Tobago
Argentina flag <1%Argentina
British Indian Ocean Territory flag <1%British Indian Ocean Territory
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic flag <1%Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic
Bosnia Hercegovina flag <1%Bosnia Hercegovina
Senegal flag <1%Senegal
Uganda flag <1%Uganda
Former Soviet Union flag <1%Former Soviet Union
Mexico flag <1%Mexico
Kazakhstan flag <1%Kazakhstan
Slovak Republic flag <1%Slovak Republic
Afghanistan flag <1%Afghanistan
Sudan flag <1%Sudan
Colombia flag <1%Colombia
Lebanon flag <1%Lebanon
Belarus (Byelorussia) flag <1%Belarus (Byelorussia)
Serbia flag <1%Serbia
Estonia flag <1%Estonia
Albania flag <1%Albania
Tunisia flag <1%Tunisia
Liechtenstein flag <1%Liechtenstein
Hong Kong flag <1%Hong Kong
Iraq flag <1%Iraq
Gambia flag <1%Gambia
Vietnam flag <1%Vietnam
Armenia flag <1%Armenia
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag <1%Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Zambia flag <1%Zambia
Azerbaijan flag <1%Azerbaijan
Palestinian Territories flag <1%Palestinian Territories
Montenegro flag <1%Montenegro
Kyrgyzstan flag <1%Kyrgyzstan
Cyprus flag <1%Cyprus
Chile flag <1%Chile
Congo, Democratic Republic of the flag <1%Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Mozambique flag <1%Mozambique
Mali flag <1%Mali
Nepal flag <1%Nepal
Slovenia flag <1%Slovenia
Fiji flag <1%Fiji
Georgia flag <1%Georgia
Guinea-Bissau flag <1%Guinea-Bissau
Zimbabwe flag <1%Zimbabwe
Angola flag <1%Angola
Croatia/Hrvatska flag <1%Croatia/Hrvatska
Djibouti flag <1%Djibouti
Dominican Republic flag <1%Dominican Republic
Guyana flag <1%Guyana
Korea, Republic of flag <1%Korea, Republic of
Malta flag <1%Malta
Syrian Arab Republic flag <1%Syrian Arab Republic
Ecuador flag <1%Ecuador
Myanmar flag <1%Myanmar
Reunion Island flag <1%Reunion Island
Serbia and Montenegro flag <1%Serbia and Montenegro
Yemen flag <1%Yemen
Cambodia flag <1%Cambodia
Malawi flag <1%Malawi
Tonga flag <1%Tonga
Uruguay flag <1%Uruguay
Palau flag <1%Palau
Somalia flag <1%Somalia
Turkmenistan flag <1%Turkmenistan
Botswana flag <1%Botswana
Cameroon flag <1%Cameroon
Cocos Islands (Keeling) flag <1%Cocos Islands (Keeling)
Gibraltar flag <1%Gibraltar
Mauritani flag <1%Mauritani
Panama flag <1%Panama
Peru flag <1%Peru
Sao Tome and Principe flag <1%Sao Tome and Principe
Swaziland flag <1%Swaziland
Tuvalu flag <1%Tuvalu
Aruba flag <1%Aruba
Burkina Faso flag <1%Burkina Faso
Dominica flag <1%Dominica
Lao People's Democratic Republic flag <1%Lao People's Democratic Republic
Madagascar flag <1%Madagascar
Namibia flag <1%Namibia
Nicaragua flag <1%Nicaragua
Sierra Leone flag <1%Sierra Leone
Tajikistan flag <1%Tajikistan
Tokelau flag <1%Tokelau
Turks and Caicos Islands flag <1%Turks and Caicos Islands
Venezuela flag <1%Venezuela
Andorra flag <1%Andorra
Antigua and Barbuda flag <1%Antigua and Barbuda
Bahamas flag <1%Bahamas
Benin flag <1%Benin
Bermuda flag <1%Bermuda
Bolivia flag <1%Bolivia
Cap Verde flag <1%Cap Verde
Cayman Islands flag <1%Cayman Islands
European Union flag <1%European Union
Grenada flag <1%Grenada
Guam flag <1%Guam
Guatemala flag <1%Guatemala
Guinea flag <1%Guinea
Honduras flag <1%Honduras
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya flag <1%Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Macau flag <1%Macau
Martinique flag <1%Martinique
New Caledonia flag <1%New Caledonia
Niger flag <1%Niger
Paraguay flag <1%Paraguay
San Marino flag <1%San Marino
Solomon Islands flag <1%Solomon Islands
St. Helena flag <1%St. Helena
Visits from 177 countries mashaa'Allah
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Written by Anwar-un-Nabi (?????????? ??? ???? ????)   
Monday, 22 September 2008 01:13
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