Germany flag 18%Germany
United States flag 18%United States
United Kingdom flag 14%United Kingdom
Ukraine flag 11%Ukraine
China flag 6%China
Russian Federation flag 4%Russian Federation
Pakistan flag 4%Pakistan
India flag 3%India
Seychelles flag 2%Seychelles
Saudi Arabia flag 2%Saudi Arabia
France flag 1%France
United Arab Emirates flag 1%United Arab Emirates
Netherlands flag 1%Netherlands
Australia flag 1%Australia
South Africa flag <1%South Africa
Singapore flag <1%Singapore
Poland flag <1%Poland
Indonesia flag <1%Indonesia
Malaysia flag <1%Malaysia
Brazil flag <1%Brazil
Japan flag <1%Japan
Canada flag <1%Canada
Nigeria flag <1%Nigeria
Sweden flag <1%Sweden
Norway flag <1%Norway
Philippines flag <1%Philippines
Turkey flag <1%Turkey
Mauritius flag <1%Mauritius
Israel flag <1%Israel
Bangladesh flag <1%Bangladesh
Denmark flag <1%Denmark
Ireland flag <1%Ireland
Italy flag <1%Italy
Qatar flag <1%Qatar
Romania flag <1%Romania
Sri Lanka flag <1%Sri Lanka
Luxembourg flag <1%Luxembourg
Spain flag <1%Spain
Iceland flag <1%Iceland
Kenya flag <1%Kenya
Egypt flag <1%Egypt
Iran, Islamic Republic of flag <1%Iran, Islamic Republic of
Switzerland flag <1%Switzerland
Lithuania flag <1%Lithuania
Belgium flag <1%Belgium
Moldova, Republic of flag <1%Moldova, Republic of
Oman flag <1%Oman
Kuwait flag <1%Kuwait
Bahrain flag <1%Bahrain
Brunei Darussalam flag <1%Brunei Darussalam
Czech Republic flag <1%Czech Republic
Ghana flag <1%Ghana
Morocco flag <1%Morocco
Jordan flag <1%Jordan
New Zealand flag <1%New Zealand
Bulgaria flag <1%Bulgaria
Latvia flag <1%Latvia
Finland flag <1%Finland
Hungary flag <1%Hungary
Portugal flag <1%Portugal
Taiwan flag <1%Taiwan
Greece flag <1%Greece
Austria flag <1%Austria
Algeria flag <1%Algeria
Maldives flag <1%Maldives
Ethiopia flag <1%Ethiopia
Uzbekistan flag <1%Uzbekistan
Tanzania flag <1%Tanzania
Thailand flag <1%Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago flag <1%Trinidad and Tobago
Argentina flag <1%Argentina
Bosnia Hercegovina flag <1%Bosnia Hercegovina
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic flag <1%Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic
Uganda flag <1%Uganda
British Indian Ocean Territory flag <1%British Indian Ocean Territory
Mexico flag <1%Mexico
Senegal flag <1%Senegal
Slovak Republic flag <1%Slovak Republic
Afghanistan flag <1%Afghanistan
Sudan flag <1%Sudan
Former Soviet Union flag <1%Former Soviet Union
Kazakhstan flag <1%Kazakhstan
Lebanon flag <1%Lebanon
Belarus (Byelorussia) flag <1%Belarus (Byelorussia)
Colombia flag <1%Colombia
Serbia flag <1%Serbia
Estonia flag <1%Estonia
Tunisia flag <1%Tunisia
Albania flag <1%Albania
Hong Kong flag <1%Hong Kong
Iraq flag <1%Iraq
Liechtenstein flag <1%Liechtenstein
Gambia flag <1%Gambia
Armenia flag <1%Armenia
Vietnam flag <1%Vietnam
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag <1%Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Zambia flag <1%Zambia
Azerbaijan flag <1%Azerbaijan
Palestinian Territories flag <1%Palestinian Territories
Montenegro flag <1%Montenegro
Cyprus flag <1%Cyprus
Kyrgyzstan flag <1%Kyrgyzstan
Chile flag <1%Chile
Congo, Democratic Republic of the flag <1%Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Mozambique flag <1%Mozambique
Nepal flag <1%Nepal
Slovenia flag <1%Slovenia
Fiji flag <1%Fiji
Georgia flag <1%Georgia
Guinea-Bissau flag <1%Guinea-Bissau
Zimbabwe flag <1%Zimbabwe
Croatia/Hrvatska flag <1%Croatia/Hrvatska
Mali flag <1%Mali
Angola flag <1%Angola
Djibouti flag <1%Djibouti
Dominican Republic flag <1%Dominican Republic
Guyana flag <1%Guyana
Malta flag <1%Malta
Syrian Arab Republic flag <1%Syrian Arab Republic
Myanmar flag <1%Myanmar
Reunion Island flag <1%Reunion Island
Serbia and Montenegro flag <1%Serbia and Montenegro
Yemen flag <1%Yemen
Cambodia flag <1%Cambodia
Ecuador flag <1%Ecuador
Korea, Republic of flag <1%Korea, Republic of
Tonga flag <1%Tonga
Uruguay flag <1%Uruguay
Malawi flag <1%Malawi
Palau flag <1%Palau
Turkmenistan flag <1%Turkmenistan
Botswana flag <1%Botswana
Gibraltar flag <1%Gibraltar
Mauritani flag <1%Mauritani
Panama flag <1%Panama
Peru flag <1%Peru
Sao Tome and Principe flag <1%Sao Tome and Principe
Tuvalu flag <1%Tuvalu
Aruba flag <1%Aruba
Burkina Faso flag <1%Burkina Faso
Cameroon flag <1%Cameroon
Dominica flag <1%Dominica
Lao People's Democratic Republic flag <1%Lao People's Democratic Republic
Madagascar flag <1%Madagascar
Namibia flag <1%Namibia
Nicaragua flag <1%Nicaragua
Sierra Leone flag <1%Sierra Leone
Somalia flag <1%Somalia
Tajikistan flag <1%Tajikistan
Tokelau flag <1%Tokelau
Turks and Caicos Islands flag <1%Turks and Caicos Islands
Venezuela flag <1%Venezuela
Andorra flag <1%Andorra
Antigua and Barbuda flag <1%Antigua and Barbuda
Bahamas flag <1%Bahamas
Bermuda flag <1%Bermuda
Bolivia flag <1%Bolivia
Cap Verde flag <1%Cap Verde
Cayman Islands flag <1%Cayman Islands
European Union flag <1%European Union
Grenada flag <1%Grenada
Guam flag <1%Guam
Guatemala flag <1%Guatemala
Guinea flag <1%Guinea
Honduras flag <1%Honduras
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya flag <1%Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Macau flag <1%Macau
Martinique flag <1%Martinique
New Caledonia flag <1%New Caledonia
Niger flag <1%Niger
Paraguay flag <1%Paraguay
San Marino flag <1%San Marino
Solomon Islands flag <1%Solomon Islands
St. Helena flag <1%St. Helena
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Tareeqat Site Launch PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anwar-un-Nabi (?????????? ??? ???? ????)   
Monday, 22 September 2008 01:11

??? ???? ??????? ??????

(Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim)


salam_mIt is in the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate - that this slave of Allah (swt) begins this website.

Each step I take - I take in both hope and fear. In hope that it is in the purest direction - in that of Allah (swt). In fear that it is not in the direction of misguidence. I consider myself to be a Salik (a seeker) - in this great ocean of knowledge of Islam.

Howsoever much Ilm (knowledge) we gain, we should always consider ourselves as humble pupils -at all times. Eager to learn more and more from the great Ulama, inshallah. Those who remain humble, never close the doors of knowledge on themselves. They continue to seek more, striving forward, continually - refining their knowledge so that they can have a greater understanding and insite even into the more subtle intricacies of Islam.

At times we will need your assistance, feedback and comments - and inshallah we hope that in all other times this site, its resources and most importantly its members - will be of great guidence to us all.



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